Artport is the Whitney Museum's portal to Internet art and an online gallery space for commissions of net art and new media art. Originally launched in 2002, Artport provides access to original art works commissioned specifically for artport by the Whitney; documentation of net art and new media art exhibitions at the Whitney; and new media art in the Museum's collection.


Access original works of art commissioned specifically for Artport by the Whitney.

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Sunrise/Sunset is a series of Internet art projects commissioned by the Whitney specifically for to mark sunset and sunrise in New York City every day.

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{Software} Structures
Launched Aug 2004,
Restored Aug 2016

Restored in 2016, {Software} Structures (2004) explores conceptual art’s relationship to software as art.

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Will Pappenheimer
Proxy, 5-WM2A

Commissioned for the 2014 Whitney Gala and Studio Party, Proxy, 5-WM2A is a virtual designer drug.

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From the Collection
Douglas Davis, The World's First Collaborative Sentence, 1994

The World's First Collaborative Sentence, created by Douglas Davis for a survey exhibition of his work in 1994 and donated to the Whitney in 1995, is a “classic” of Internet art. Allowing users to contribute to a never-ending sentence, it anticipated today's blog environments and ongoing posts. 

In early 2012 the Whitney Museum undertook a preservation effort, making the Sentence functional for the first time since 2005.

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Artport is a Work in Progress

We are currently working to conserve and integrate the digital artworks featured in Artport, which was first launched in 2002. 

Gate Pages

The gate pages were commissioned from 2001–2006 to provide entry points to Internet artists' projects and websites. Each month, an artist was invited to present their work in the form of a gate page with links to the artist's site and most important works.

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